Falcon Focus

April 18, 2016

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When my own children and their friends talk about school and teachers, they always share how much they loved their elementary teachers. They comment on those that were excited to come to school every day - they could really tell - and those that were positive and encouraging to them. I am always amazed at what they specifically remember and what they have held with them through the years. It is always how the teacher made them feel about themselves and as learners.

You guys are laying the foundation for lifelong learning and a love of school. Thank you for giving everything you have to our students. Our little Florence Falcons are lucky to have you!!!

To Do's and Calendar Updates

  • April 18th: Have grades loaded by 4:00

  • April 19th: Matilda Jane Clothing Trunk Show in Conference Room 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

  • April 19th: Fire Drill 2:10

  • April 22nd: 6th Six Weeks Assessment Plan Due - Please send copy to Laura, Farah, Sebrina, Kelly, Michele, Lisa, and Ann. Thanks!

  • April 25th: T-TESS Domain IV Self-Reflection and Goal Setting Due

  • Begin working on getting any of your personal lunch charges in the cafeteria taken care of. Thanks!

SAVE THE DATE: Keller University July 18th-21st!!!

Consider the KISD Literacy Institute and sign up before the spots are filled.

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Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and Kelly Leach Visits

  • April 14th and 21st: Second round of guided reading walkthroughs and coaching sessions K-4.

  • April 19th: Faculty Meeting - Kelly Leach Keller University Information and STAAR Refresher

  • April 26th: PLC Meetings - Instructional Rounds

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