Hitler Youth

By: Soumya Somani


The Hitler Youth (also known as the Hitler Jugend) was a group of children and teenagers who were trained to serve the Nazis and Hitler by fighting and following them. Boys between ages 10 to 18 were trained for military purposes, while girls were trained for motherhood.

Why was Hitler Youth created?

Hitler Youth was made to produce generations of supporters of the Nazi views. Hitler harnessed the excitement and enthusiasm of the youth and and promised a great future for those who joined them, knowing that young people would be a powerful political force. Hitler and the Nazis wanted the youngsters to support Nazis, so they would have generations of followers, who would keep the Nazi party supreme. In addition, they were used to spread propaganda and collect funds for the Nazi Party.

Hitler Youth Mentality

At the time, serving the Hitler Youth was a sign of honor, although many parents were against it. Hitler Youth mindset was influenced as soon as a child got into grade school. Children in classrooms were taught only Nazi-Approved ideas as they were being molded into “good” Nazis. Hitler Youth were at Town Meetings and rallies and were indoctrinated Nazi ideology. Nazis considered themselves as Aryans and that the purest Aryans were the ones with blond hair and blue eyes. The Hitler Youth was taught that the Aryan race was superior to all others.
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The Evolution of Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth began as a youth movement led by Kurt Gruber formed on July 4, 1926. Later on in 1933, all other youth groups were forced into combining and merging with Hitler Youth. In 1936, the Hitler Youth had over 4 million members and it was made necessary to join Hitler Youth. Later in 1938, the attendance was very poor, only about 25% children and teens attended, so a law was passed making attendance necessary in 1939. By 1940 the Hitler Youth had about 8 million members!

Hitler Youth Structure

The Hitler Youth had Ten Commandments, here are three:

  • Remember you are a German

  • As a German, choose only a German spouse or someone with Nordic blood.

  • When you’ve made a choice of a partner, ask about his or her ancestors.

Hitler Youth Uniform (boys): short black pants, brown shirt, and black scarf around the collar with a special insignia sewn on the sleeve.

Bund Deutscher Mädel (girls segment of Hitler Youth): a dark blue skirt, black neckerchief, and a white blouse with a brown climbing jacket for winter, which changed over the year depending on fashion and seasons.

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The Hitler Youth was basically a type of radicalized Boy Scouts, where kids went on many hiking and camping trips, outdoor training exercises, and played games.

Boys and girls at a young age participated in competitions and sports, and played many childish games. As boys grew older, sports were less focused on and military discipline was instilled, and as for girls they were trained more and more to become the mothers of Germany.

Other Facts and Figures

  • The ceremony of admitting new initiates was always on April 20th, Hitler’s birthday.
  • Children and Teens had to prove that they were healthy and had no hereditary diseases, by passing physical tests like running and swimming. Some physically disabled kids were allowed to join a special section as long as they passed the racial test. Still, mentally handicapped, blind, and deaf children were not allowed to join.
  • Many teenage boys were taught to kill without remorse: They were to bring a beloved pet and kill it, to show that their obedience to Hitler outweighed their attachment to anyone and anything
  • Tens of thousands of Hitler Youth members died in fierce battle against the Russian Army.
  • The Hitler Youth movement was overseen by Balder von Shirach.
  • Hitler believed the weak are useless and had said “The weak must be chiselled away. I want young men and women who can suffer pain. A young German must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp’s steel.”
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Famous Children

  • Famous Children:

  • Alfons Heck

  • Melita Maschmann

  • Helmuth Hubener

  • Henry Metelmann

  • Dagobert (Bert) Lewyn

  • Herbert Norkus

  • Karl-Heinz Schnibbe

  • Elisabeth Vetter

  • Rudolf (Rudi) Wobbe

  • Inge, Hans, and Sophie Scholl
Interview with Hans Neumann

Hans Neumann was forced to join Hitler Youth, here is his story...

Hitler Jugend Lied [HQ] 🎵 Hitler Youth Anthem (1925-1945)

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