War in Vietnam

Why is it Happening and when ?

The Vietnam war happened on the first on November,1955. This all happened because because everyone wanted the right to say their thoughts and opinions, so Vietnam broke into two parts and those two colonies were South Vietnam and North Vietnam. The other reason this war happened is that North Vietnam wanted to unite South Vietnam under communist rule.

The Causes and Effects

The Second Indochina War (Vietnam War) caused a lot of problems, like for example the U.S sprayed toxic chemicals on to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia which caused terrible environmental damage and severe damage to humans. The effect of this war led to nothing but badness like the death of people and that the Vietnam War was still won by the North. And Plus 58,000 thousand Americans and nearly 3 million Vietnamese people died.

Key Events

  • The U.S former president Lyndon.J. sent his first combat troops to Vietnam in 1965 that could be used to fight against North Vietnam
  • Already 3 Americans died in the Vietnam war
  • It revolved by a simple belief by the Americans, that communism was threatening to spread all over Southeast Asia
  • It changed to Vietnam from Indochina
  • Americans actually fought in the war but the Soviet Union did not but instead they equipped and armed the North Vietnamese troops

Other Information

  • also known as the Second Indochina war
  • also known in Vietnam as the Resistance War Against America
  • It followed on after the First Indochina War in 1946-54 that was fought against North Vietnam (that was supported by the Soviet Union) - South Vietnam (that was supported by the U.S)
  • North Vietnam took over the South, that made it a very unpopular war
  • Before WII, Vietnam had been part of the French Empire
  • It was viewed as a colonial war
  • The Vietnam War was the longest war for America


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