Balancing Tools

Vitra International AG, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Background History

Balancing Tools was commissioned by Rolf Fehlbaum in 1981. Claes Oldenburg created this sculpture. It was installed May 3, 1984. The process took 3 years. The grouping can be seen as a dance.

Artist's Statement

Claes sees thrusting, twirling, unpredictable forms in this sculpture. He likes the simplicity and functionality of the items. It was a challenge to balance the tools so precariously. The proportions had to be perfect for the sculpture to not fall. He wants to communicate simplicity, minimalism, and flexibility in it.

My Opinion

I like this sculpture. It looks like there was a lot of thought behind it, and having to balance the tools would be very challenging. The colors are very brilliant and I like how the tools look as though they're dancing. I also like the environment that it's in. It's in an open field with a cool looking building nearby.