Weekly Launch

February 12-16


As you know we communicated the plan to make up minutes for the lost instructional days due to weather/ice by removing the early release days and adding 15 minutes to the last day of school for elementary. However, we have now been notified that when the state waived the missed days for Harvey, they only waived up to 420 minutes per day, not the true amount of our instructional minutes within the whole day. So now, we are still short minutes due to this discrepancy in minutes.

In order to account for these minutes while still minimizing the impact of adjusting more days beginning Monday February 12th, to technically add 3 minutes to each day, by ringing the bell 3 minutes earlier each day. Therefore the bell will ring at 7:57 for students to go to class. It is very important that you are on time in the morning. You should be texting Suzi, your team and I when you are running late.

Please be sure to be at the fair tomorrow! There are still some volunteer spots available. If you are not attending, you should have let me know why already. PTA really expects your support at this big fundraising event.

Please remind your students that they should only be going to the school store if they have money. We have some friends who like to go and shop but have no money :0)

Important Dates

February 12-TELPAS-start collecting writing samples

Random Acts of Kindness week

C4-5th grade

February 13-PBIS Team Meeting

C4-5th grade

February 14-Valentine's Party-K, 1, 2, 4

Calibration-session 1(you may pick either Wednesday or Thursday)

February 15-Wear character shirt

Standards based grading chat-Kinder-3:45 p.m.


Calibration-Session 2

February 16-Alpha-4th grade

Character Corner

Word of the Week-empathy

Word of the Month-Caring

Morning Announcements-Kramer

Big picture

Word of the Week-Feature

Excerpt from NSOC applicaton-Principle 4

Fostering caring relationships remains one of our strengths since our school is the hub of our community. Caring relationships start at the door every day. Teachers, staff, and administrators greet students along with their families as they enter the school. The staff recognizes the importance of starting the day with a positive connection with every student. Teachers are frequently looking for opportunities to build relationships with their students inside and outside of the classroom. We have created a mentor program using our block and instructional specialist. Each teacher is responsible for a small group of students to connect with on regular basis. These are students who need extra attention, support, and encouragement. Other opportunities for staff and student connections are character shout-outs, school dance, Turkey Trot, school fair, International Night, community nights at local restaurants, and attending students’ extracurricular activities.

Compliment Corner

Christine Wagner needs a compliment because she is offering for me to work with her and her students each day during guided reading-Sandy Varner

5th grade needs a compliment for making the CLIS and WIS counselor visit work without me being here-Jen Murray

Renee Rain needs a compliment for rolling all $424.75 of our Great Kindness Challenge Coins-Jen Murray

Coach B, Coach V, Coach Rizzo and Pamela Baggett need a compliment for helping with the 6th grade counselor visit-Jen Murray

Jessica Delacruz, Megan Wilson and Sandy Varner need a compliment for covering a class when the sub job didn't fill!!!-Buckels