Nido News

Week 19

Hello Nido Parents,

Thank you for our potluck items this week from Finn and family with vegetables, Dylan and family with fruits, and Beau and family with the chicken. The new list is up for the month of February on the door to the classroom.

February 4
Chicken: Beau
Vegetables: Colton
Fruits: Miles

February 11
Chicken: Finn
Vegetables: Christopher
Fruits: Nicolas

February 18
Chicken: Emmett
Vegetables: Dylan
Fruits: Colin

February 25
Chicken: Emma
Vegetables: Julie
Fruits: Mateo

It was a short week but the children did a few activities. We brought some of the snow into the classroom and let the children touch with their bare hands and paint on the snow using the red paint. We read the books "The Snowy Day" and "Snowmen at Night." The children also played music with some of the hand percussions we have in the classroom.

Just a few reminders:
-There are no library books this week.
-Please trim your child's nails.
-If your child borrowed extra clothes from the classroom, please wash and return them in a timely manner.