figurative language


Definition: A idiom is something that you say to someone but it means a different literal meaning.

Definition: Once in a blue moon = doesn't come often. A penny for your thoughts =what are you thinking about.


Definition: A hyperbole is a figure of speech that includes an exaggeration which couldn't possible happen in real life.

Example: Your the fastest person in the world. Your so good your the best.


Definition: A metaphor is like a say something.

Example: I've been playing with cool. You are picking on the weaker man.


Definition: Onomatopoeia is a word that originates from a sound.

Example: Boom, pop and splash.


Definition: Personification is the act of giving human traits, qualities or actions objects, concepts, or animals.

Example: The stars are smiling and winking at us.


Definition: Alliteration is the repetition of the first letter (or sound) of each word in a sentence, phrase, or poem.

Example: Voracious volcanoes vibrated the valley very violently. Eagles live in the east and eat eggs.


Definition: Simile is a sentence when you say something and it uses as or like.

Example: Your like the best guy in the world. Your as rich as the prime minister.