A Meaningful Experience

Chapter 1: Bad News

When I was Seven my mom got extremely sick, and my dad worked all day. Which meant I never got to see him, and my mother couldn't take care of me and my siblings. So a company came and started to think of what to do with us. At first they suggested to get a nanny to watch us, but then they said they were going to move us to foster-home. The thing that really made my parents mad is that they didn't think of telling us until the day we left. The foster-home was in Amarillo, a city a few miles away from Dallas. The only way to get their on time was to take a plane, and I hate heights. The freakiest part of the trip was when the plane was too high and stopped and fell to the correct height. A few hours later we arrived in Amarillo.

Chapter 2: I never met kids so stupid.

You may be asking why I chose this certain title for this chapter, the reason is that the kids in the foster-home were STUPID. They never listened to the adults, and they complained about being punished. They also wouldn't stop making noise when it was time for bed, so I was always tired. Trust me I tried to annoy them. It kind of reminds me when we went to camp Gilmont. The kid John F. Kennedy wouldn't stop making noise with his pillow, so everyone got mad at him. I was on the top bunk, so I was the only one that could hit him with another object. Anyway the most annoying kid was Jack, he always thought he was tough, but everyone else beat him in a fight. Ok just to clarify, not all of the kids were stupid, my best friend there was Kody. I just can't believe I got through 3 years without hitting one of them across the head with a metal baseball bat.

Chapter 3: The Good News

The best news I ever heard in that prison called foster-home was that I was returning home, after 3 freaking years being locked up. When I was told that I was going to return home, I didn't believe them at first, because they lied to me so many times. Then my mom called and told me they would be picking me up at the airport. At that moment my heart was filled with joy, the main reason I was so happy was that I was gonna see my family again. And because I didn't have to see those little morons again, but mainly because I was gonna see my family again.

Chapter 4: Returning Home

When I was getting ready to leave, a storm started to form. The clouds were as dark as the night sky, the rain fell fast and hard. The truck we were driving was bright red with black stripes on the sides. The windows were tinted, and were kind of like sunglasses because they made it easier to see the sun. The person that was driving was crazy, I thought he was high or something. The ride was rough, the rain and the thunder were cool. When we stopped at E-Z mart, I spent $15 dollars buying food, because I went a whole day without eating. A few hours later we made it to the place where our parents were suppose to pick us up.
Chris Daughtry - Im Going Home