Targets & Quality Questions

Choose Your Focus

Developing Learning Targets

If you feel you need to start at ground zero or perhaps attend a refresher session to review why creating and utilizing learning targets effectively is essential for the growth of your students, this is where you need to be. We will be discussing the purpose of the target and how to center your instruction around its development. Bring a lesson plan and an assessment or two.

This session is on Monday, January 25 during planning periods.

Learning Targets - Beyond the Posting

You know how to write a target and post it, now let's delve into strategies of how to incorporate it into your everyday lessons. We will work on streamlining the path from target to assessment, using your targets to stay on track with your standards.

This session is on Tuesday, January 26 during planning periods.

The Quest for Quality Questions

Say what? During this session we will be examining the hierarchy of quality questions, using Bloom's and Depth of Knowledge. How do we form the right questions that guide students to think critically and master our standards? Bring a target or two and perhaps some questions you already use on an assessment.

This session is on Wednesday, January 27 during planning periods.


We know about quality questioning. We will now seek to know more. Come to this session for pertinent application in the classroom. How do we evaluate questions that we are using? In order to participate in this session, you must bring a video of your classroom that illustrates the questioning strategies you are using. We will reflect and think about the impact these questions are having on your instruction.

This session is on Thursday, January 28 during planning periods.