All About Me

By: Aniyah Foy


I'm Aniyah Foy and I am 14. My birthday is August 17. I'm also a makeup artist in the making. I'm very silly and will make you laugh.

My Family and Friends

I'm the oldest child. I have a little brother, Shevel, he is 12 and a half-sister, Dasoni, who is 13, but she lives in Texas. I live with mom, LaKecia, she is 40.

I'm the second youngest among my friends, they are all in high school. While the youngest goes to OTMS and in the eight grade but is still 13.


I go to Osage Trail Middle School, It is my last year here before I go to the high school. I do not participate in any sports. I make good grades, a few A's and V's with only one C.

Hobbies and Intrests

I like to read and listen to music. I'm very interested in cosmetics. My favorite foods are iced tea and hot cheetoes.