Rhode Island Colony!

Disease is scarce like our population. Come join us!


Welcome to one of the many 13 colonies! Come enjoy our hilly flatland's and cool weather year round.


Freedom means freedom for all, not just one race. Which is why we were the first of many colonies to put the emancipation act in to action, around the 1700's. Stating that from that point on all slaves were freed.

Come for goods and Rum

Freedom is what we live for!!!

{Honorable Mention}

We just wanted to give a huge thank you too our founder, the man who made this colony possible, Roger Williams. He was sent away for his religious views and took that despair and turned it inspiration and built this beautiful free religious colony that we are today.

Where are we located?

You can find us located in the England region, with Massachusetts to our north and east side. On the south side of Rhode island you will find the Atlantic ocean and lastly we have Connecticut to our west side.