Sudan Disvisement act of 2007

Sudanese Genocide

Law definition

"An original bill to authorize State and local governments to divest assets in companies that conduct business operations in Sudan, to prohibit United States Government contracts with such companies, and for other purposes."

Who does it address? How is it helping?

They are adressing that they don't want companies and buisnesses to trade with the Sudanese government. They don't want to help them in anyway because they don't want to give them more power than they already have.

How is it used to protect human rights?

It doesn't really prtect human rights it just hurts the Sudanese government finicially because they won't be able to trade or invest with the US or any companies in the US.

Who supported it?

The senate approved and the house approved it by a decision of 411-0. The president signed and put the bill in action. All US companies have to accept the law. Overall Congress supported it.

What was their authority to address the mission? What was their success?

So they used to Congress to pass the law and make it accepted by all US companies. Their success was that they got the law passed through Congress. The success is that state legistation and local governments cut investment ties with companies doing buisness in Sudan. Ultimately they showed concern for the people in the Genocide.
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