By: Megan, Sarah, and Erin

Age: 19

Farlis was 19 years old when she told this story.

City: Apartado

Farlis was living on a banana plantation in Apartado before the war.


* Farlis and her family lived in the middle of nowhere so she had no neighbors close by.

* Her parents, unlike many others at this time, didn't beat her or treat her badly.


*Her whole family lived and worked on a banana plantation.

*Her family was not very close because when Alfredo left, she was depressed and wouldn't say anything to anyone but her spanish teacher, not even her family.

*She had a very peaceful childhood before the war, but when she was older she helped the war by trying to make peace.

*She loved her cousin Erique, but she yelled at him when he was going to war because she hated violence and she convinced him to stay because he was like her brother and she couldn't stand for him to be killing people.

*They have a poor family with three siblings and her parents because she lived in an adobe house with a tin roof making little money on the plantation.


* Farlis's parents were very peaceful and didn't believe in the war, the believed in peace.

* After the nearby shootings of children, husbands, and wives, Farlis decided to fight for peace.


*She was never threatened to stop, all the families were in to stop the madness.

Did they choose to fight for peace?

*She did choose to fight for peace because she wanted to stop all the shooting that was always going on.

*She was waiting for peace so long that she finally took action and fought for it.

Impressive Things

*She became child mayor of Apartado at age 14.

*She fought for what she believed in, and never gave up.


Were you ever nervous that you would get caught or shot like so many others by the bad people?