Its just one call away....

what would you call on well the telephone.

dependable wall telephone is only $13.30

You're at home board wanting to talk to someone, you spouse is gone. Kids are at school or getting on your nerves, you want to talk to your best friend; vent a little.

The telephone is made for all the Deaf people so that they can communicate easily. Women and some children to talk to their friends and family. It is helpful at home, and work. When you are bored and wanting to talk to someone, need to make a business call. It lets you communicate with people a long distance away from you. And or close to you. It was important because you can get a hold of people much much much faster.

This effected people a lot. how? well by The telephone is an all purpose tool. It is used in the home, business and in education. It is a source of entertainment and a vital resource to the illiterate as well as the academic elite. When the telephone was first introduced it could only be afforded by the rich as the materials needed for connection were very expensive. Alexander Graham's wish was to reduce the expense of materials so that the poorest man cannot afford to be without this telephone. The telephone was promoted on the grounds that it would increase wealth, employment and improved means of communication. Now a days we have upgraded the telephone a lot, we have made it where we want/no need to have as an every day thing. We use the telephone for education, work, alarm systems and people who need help could call fire trucks, doctors or police.