The Life of William Shakespeare

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

The Bard's Life

Son of John and Mary Shakespeare, William was born April 23rd 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon. At the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway whom was 26 at the time, they were wed November 27th 1582. William and Anne had 3 children together, Susanna, Hamnet and Judith ( they were twins). Hamnet died of unknown causes at the age of 11 and was buried August 11th, 1596. Shakespeare died April 23rd 1616, the cause is still a mystery, he is buried in the chancel of the Holy Trinity Church. Shakespeare's legacy has endured for 400 years it is "a body of work that will never again be equaled in Western Civilization."

Elizabethan England

Services and Occupations.

A few occupations that were available during the Elizabethan Era were; a Fletcher (made and sold arrows), an Apothecary (would give you drugs and medication), Barber Surgeon (dentist), and finally a Nurse in your household would take care of your children.

Masters and Servants.

A male servant was a groom and a female was a maid. The Steward is a person whom administers property, finances, they are employed to manage someones house, basically a butler.

City of London.

London was a very "grotesque" place during the Elizabethan Era, the streets were very narrow they were cobbled, and so covered in slime they became slippery, the city had very little drainage near the Fleet Ditch, so instead everything got dumped in the streets. The majority of the people in the city were drunk most of the time, they never drank water and they did not have any tea at this time.

Shakespeare the Playwright

Shakespeare used three different themes to write his plays; History, Tragedy and Comedy. He wrote 10 Histories, 10 Tragedies and 17 Comedies, Richard II is an example of a history, Hamlet is a tragedy, Twelfth Night is a comedy. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Shakespeare's most famous plays would be; Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, the Tempest, Macbeth and a Midsummer Night's Dream.

"The Bubonic Plague"/ "Black Death"

William Shakespeare was known to have a huge fear of the plague, it affected his family and even his actors at the Globe Theater. If someone in a household was to catch the virus the whole family would be sealed in there house, the houses were then locked and bolted from the outside. No one was allowed to go in or come out. In order to get food the family would have to lower baskets out of a window and the watchmen would fill it with food. The disease spread multiples ways the main way was, it would be transmitted by fleas from rodents and small animals, especially rats.

Globe Theater

Shakespeare helped to establish the Globe Theater in London. The theater was forced to close on three occasions, 1593, 1603, and 1608 due to outbreaks of the Black Death. It unfortunately burnt down in 1613, the cause was unknown.

Twelfth Night

"I know of none;

Nor know I by voice or any feature:

I hate ingratitude more in a man

Than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness,

Or any taint of vice whose strong corruption

In habits our frail blood.

I believe that these lines mean, that the speaker is talking about someone specific whom they are not fond of. I believe that during the play someone will betray the speaker in a way he will not be able to forgive them. I have heard a bit of what twelfth night is about and I believe I could figure out the situation if what i heard is correct.