Monday Minutes

April 16, 2018

I read an interesting article last week that focused on cooperative learning with the introvert in mind (article attached). Since I am an introvert, this caught my attention. The article discusses that classrooms are designed for extroverts which can prevent the introvert from thriving. The author suggested three ways to engage introverts that will still allow for cooperative learning without being a detriment to introverts. They are:

1. Choice of group members

2. Individual and peer accountability (defined roles in the group)

3. Intentional empowerment (a safe space)

The one that stood out to me the most is number two because it's the most controllable by the classroom teacher in the short term. When we put students into groups, we want every student to participate and have a say. How do we hold students accountable for that? So I'm curious - how do you do this in the classroom? Do your students have jobs in group work? Is someone the time keeper, someone else the recorder, etc? Or do you have a specific protocol you follow so that everyone gets a turn at sharing? Does each person in the group look at the text/topic through a specific lens? Please let me know next time I stop by your classroom!

Number three is a commitment to creating a safe classroom environment where all students feel free to take risks and participate. Your commitment to daily morning circles helps to create that space. How do you do that in your classes that are not your homeroom?

A final word: Thank you, thank you, to everyone who helped with testing last week! You guys rock!

Did you know?

4/15 -- National Rubber Eraser Day

4/16 -- National Bean Counter Day

4/17 -- National Cheeseball Day

4/18 -- National Animal Crackers Day

4/19 -- National High Five Day

4/20 -- National Look Alike Day

4/21 -- National Yellow Bat Day

Upcoming Events

  • April 17 -- All Pro Dad's Breakfast
  • April 18 -- Bethany Bike Rodeo (During Specials for grades 3-5 - 3rd/2nd switch specials)
  • April 18 -- Team Leader Meeting
  • April 21 -- PISD Job Fair
  • April 23 -- Bryan and Wendy out
  • April 24 -- Extended Planning
  • April 25 -- HR training (Bryan and Wendy out A.M.)
  • April 25 -- Bluebonnet Breakfast 7:15 A.M. (3rd - 5th)
  • April 26 -- 1st grade program 6:30 P.M.
  • April 27 -- Volunteer Breakfast 7:30 - 9:00 A.M.
  • April 27-May 4 -- BOGO Book Fair
  • May 1 -- Student Management Meeting (Bryan and Wendy out A.M.)
  • May 2 -- Principal Meeting (Bryan and Wendy out A.M.)
  • May 2 -- Team Leader Meeting
  • May 3 -- Progress Notes Go Home
  • May 4 -- 5th Grade Immigration Simulation