By Leslie Escatell


When you brainstorm is when you pick a topic about what you are going to write about .Make like a cloud and put ideas you want to write about the topic. When you Bains torn you put the setting .Next you put the 5 senses that are sight, hear, smell, touch, and taste.you can put all your ideas on it and pick the ones you would like to write about.


Revising means that you improve your writing or rewriting you paragraph to make it better.
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Editing means that you fix your Grammer and spelling in the story you are writing . So you can understand it better
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The setting on plot development

Plot development is how a book pogresses . The setting helps the person understand the plot .
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Plot and Setting

The plot is important because it's made up of important parts to make the story. The setting tells you the place and time it is in the story.
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Point of views

There is 3 point of views. The first one is first person which you use "I" or "we". The second person point of view is when you use "you, your, and yours". The third one is third persons point of view uses "he, she, and they".
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