Down Syndrome

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What is Down syndrome and the what is the symptoms

Dow syndrome is the worst possible thing ever and that no one wants. Down syndrome occurs when a baby is born with an additional chromosome. The symptoms of Down syndrome is, learning difficulties, heart problem, and mental retardation

Risk Facters

It all depends on women in which they have the baby. Women have a better chance of having a baby that has down syndrome, because as women get older, their eggs have a big chance of improper chromosomes, but at the age of 35 and its only 1 percent and as your age rises percents goes up. Also both men and women can pass it on to their new baby.

Potential Treatment and cures for Down Syndrome

There is many treatments and cure for down syndrome. There is really no treatment for down, but there is classes for down syndrome. The class usually help their mental and physical health, for example how to read how to do sports.

kids doing something good and has Down Syndrome