Freshwater Wetlands!

By Jake Watson

What are they?

Freshwater Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil and the ground is very wet. They are not connected to the ocean. There are many different names such as Swamp, Bog, Fen, Prairie Pothole, marsh and mire.
Most animals that live here have made changes. Birds have feathers coated in grease to make them water-proof. Smaller animals use the tall brush as a place to hide from predators.


Freshwater Wetlands are spread out all over the globe, taking home on every continent except for Antarctica. Because of this the Climate and weather of the wetlands change depending on were it is. Most of the worlds wetlands are in more temperate zones bringing more rainfall, and higher temperatures.

Adding or Taking away!

When you take a native organism out of and ecosystem/food web, or add an exotic species, It will disrupt the ecosystem/food web.

Removing a Native


Frogs are a big part of any Freshwater ecosystem. They help control the insect population, while giving food to larger birds. Although most other birds will also eat fish, frogs are still a large type of their diet. It is also prey to snakes, which are eaten by birds.
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Adding an Exotic

Adding Piranhas

Adding Piranhas would greatly disrupt the food chain. They would eat any fish and even be able to eat larger predators. They would eliminate many species from the ecosystem.