Domestic Violence

By; Te'Asia Wilder

Domestic Violence Chart

This chart shows how people have been abused in relationships or in a family situation and also how many people have died because of it. This basically shows all types of domestic violence around the world and how many people is in those types of situations.

Effects On Society

Domestic violence hurts people in all types of ways. Domestic violence has resulted in a lot of disabilities and if this continues the children will see it and think its okay and each generation will also think its nothing wrong with it and will cause the world to be a bad place.
Violence Against Women
Child Abuse Television Commercial - Domestic Violence

Videos Overview;

Video 1; This video talks about different types of abuse and what you can do to stop it.

Video 2; This videos shows the effects on children and what you can do to help.

Domestic Violence Chart

This chart shows how many female/male victims there are in the U.S and also how many murder victims there are.


He pulls my hair
He slaps my face
He kicks me on the floor

I love him so much
So I don't have the strength
To walk right out the door

There's blood on my face
Everything hurts
& all I can do is cry

I made him mad
So this is what he does
I wish I knew his reason why

My heart wont let me leave him
& it hurts too much to try

I wonder if this is how my life will be
From now until I die

He says he's sorry
He takes me in his arms
He even starts to cry

I tell him I forgive him
& that everything is fine

For now at least because I know
It will happen again in time

Summary; No matter what the girl is going through she will always love the abuser because he says he's sorry and because she loves him and cant help it.


Domestic violence; When a person uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation, etc. on another person in a relationship to maintain control.

Survivor ; The individual who is targeted for abuse. Also called the "victim".

Abuser ; The individual inflicting the abuse upon the survivor. Also called the "perpetrator" or "batterer".

Coercive Behavior ; When one individual forces his/her partner to have sex, or forces him/her to do things through treats or physical restraints.

Threats ; Used to maintain control. Examples of threats: to destroy property or to hurt or kill his/her partner or those important to him/her.

Control ; Maintained through the use of threats or intimidation in order to maintain control over the other person's life.

Sexual Violence ; Sexual activity in which consent is not given. Includes rape, sexual assault, incest, sexual exploitation, exposure, stalking, and threats; usually motivated by the need to control, humiliate, or harm; NOT a sexual desire.

Physical Violence ; Intentional contact between abuser and person being abused that is not wanted by the victim. Examples include punching, scratching, pushing, kicking, grabbing, biting, strangling, grabbing, or using weapons such as guns.

Verbal/Psychological Abuse ; Often involves yelling or screaming, intentional humiliation, dictating who the partner can interact with, blaming, starting rumors, and threatening to hurt the partner or him/herself to manipulate the partner into doing things.