Class Meeting: Curiosity

Got Curiosity?

Kinder - 2nd Grade

Show students the video clip below. (Safeshare Link) Then, explain to them that curiosity is when you wonder about something. Sometimes we wonder about our learning at school. That actually helps us to learn more. Explain to them that we can be curious about all types of learning, not just words.

Then, talk about what curiosity should look like to students.

What should curiosity look like?

  1. Exploring new things.
  2. Asking questions that help me to understand my learning more.
  3. Being excited about what I'm learning/doing.

End with:

What part of your learning has gotten you curious and excited about learning?

How can Zest help us with our curiosity?

How would you like to be more curious this week?

3rd - 5th Grade

Have students watch the video clip below for less than a minute. (You don't have to let it play out in it's entirety. It's just a candle burning.) Have them make a few observations about what's going on that are scientific in nature. You can get them started, and then facilitate the conversation for them.

After that brief conversation about their observations, ask them what would happen if the candle didn't have a wick. (Allow more discussion)

Then, show them the picture above with the quote about curiosity being the wick of learning.

Follow-up Questions:

Why is curiosity like the wick of learning?

In what ways have you been more curious with your learning? How has that helped you?

In what areas of your learning should you show more curiosity? What do you think might happen?

End with the last Curiosity Quote Above about Newton and the Apple.

Teachers: Curiosity For You!

Please check out the video and link below for more information on curiosity!
Dr. Jon Baron talks about Curiosity and Actively Open-Minded Thinking

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary