President Wanted!

Kaitlyn Johnson


  • Must be at least 35 years of age
  • Must have lived in the United States for 14 years beforehand
  • Lastly must be an American citizen
  • DO NOT need college degree, but it isn't frowned upon

Duties, Roles and Responsibilities

The biggest role of the President it to enforce the laws of the country and keep the country safe. Another one of their duties is to keep peace among the different countries in the world to avoid conflict, war, debate, etc. They are also responsible for the well being of the country and the citizens, meaning they'll make sure all laws are in order and make sure the country has its proper needs and such.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Makes $400k annually
  • You'd get to use all the included airplanes, cars, helicopters, etc.
  • Have extra money for traveling and personal needs