The Chaparral Biome

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One of the most extraordinary biomes in the world.

The chaparral biome is home to some endangered creatures and amazing different animals that have adapted to it's hot and dry climate. It also gets some tourists, too. Here is a flyer of the biome Chaparral.

Chaparral Weather

The chaparral is known as a dry kind of biome, but during the winter time, there is definitely snow.
During the spring, some flowers will begin to grow. During the summer, the biome will most likely be very hot and dry. The average temperature in the dry season is 100^F, but during winter, the average is 30^F. There isn't much snow during that time, though.

The Chaparral in Different Seasons

The Landscape

The Chaparral Itself

The chaparral is known as a shrubland or heathland. It can normally be found in California and the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. It consists of shrubs and other different plants. Some of those plants include:

- Chamisos

- Yucca

- Protea

- Sand Verbena

- Yarrow

- California Box Elder

The Abiotic Factors of the Chaparral

Some of the abiotic factors in the chaparral are:

- mild winters

- soil

- sunlight

- rocks

- periodic fires

Tourist Activities In Chaparrals

There are many tourist activities while in the chaparral

Some of the recreational activities tourists can have fun doing in the chaparral are:

- viewing the wildlife

- biking

- driving around; touring

- camping

- hiking

- hunting

Although hunting is on the list, you must have a license in order to do that activity. Otherwise, hunting is off limits to tourists, due to the amount of endangered species living in the chaparral.

The Chaparral's Animals

There are amazing different animals roaming the chaparral biome.

There are beautiful animals living in the chaparral, some of which include endangered species. Here are a few of those animals:

- Black-tailed jackrabbit

- Tuatara lizard

- Zebra swallowtail butterfly

- Javelina

- Grizzy bears

- California condor

- Anna's Hummingbird

- Opossums

- Mountain lions

Endangered Species

- Costa's hummingbird

-Heerman kangaroo rat

- Santa Cruz kangaroo rat

- White-eared pocket mouse

- Rosy boa

- Coast horned lizard

- California gnatcher

The Common Species

The Endangered Species

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