The Odyssey

Book 22, By: Johnny Waters, 4th Period


In this chapter Odysseus comes home to find many suitors trying to marry his wife. Once he proves to everyone that he is really Odysseus, he and his son kill all of the suitors one by one. The suitors try and attack Odysseus and his son all at once, but Odysseus's skills in combat prove far too much for the suitors. He then reunites with his wife.


Odysseus: the main character of the Odyssey. Defeats the suitors trying to marry his wife

Eurymacheus: speaks out against Odysseus, tries to spare himself from being killed along with the other suitors.

Amphinomus: suitor killed by Odysseus son

Telemachus: Odysseus's son

Athena: Goddess of wisdom

All other characters were suitors killed by Odysseus and his son

Mythological/Magical Influence

"Then Odysseus tore off his rags, and sprang onto the broad pavement with his bow and quiver full of arrows. He shed the arrows onto the ground and said, "The mighty contest is at end. I will now see whether Apollo will vouchsafe it too me to hit another mark which no man has yet hit." He was telling the suitors that he was going to kill them with his bow and arrow.

Homeric Simile

Page 230, "...bespattered with blood and filth like a lion that has just devoured and ox..."

This simile means that Odysseus is covered with the blood of all the suitors he has killed.