The Amazon Rainforest

Amazon facts

The Amazon is found in most equatorial areas.It is known as the most voluminous river on earth.It covers most of the northwestern Brazil going into Colombia.The Amazon is the largest tropical rain forest,Its biodiversity is what is famed for.The Amazon is crisscrossed with thousands of rivers.There is two dry months and two rainy seasons.The outside of the rain forest is cooler than the tropical rain forest.It rains on fall and spring but there is few dry months.In the rain forest environment there are animals with green and brown color that is already adapted to its environment.It is brown and green colors everywhere in the rain forest so it helps protect animals that are camouflaged.


One of the abiotic factors is water.In the form of precipitation, the rain forest gets about 9 ft of water every year.Another abiotic factor is humidity.Humidity creates some thing similar to a protective barrier that protects the forest from fires.Soil is also an abiotic factor.The soil helps a lot of plants and trees grow.The Amazon rainforest born when waters worked through the sandstone to the west and the amazon began flow eastward.Ranging from natural savanna to swamps, the region consists of a number of ecosystems.The rainforest is highly variable by itself.Depending on soil type,tree diversity and structure varies.Other factors are history,drainage,elevation,and other factors.It is an long history of human settlement.Destruction of the amazon rainforest was on going at a point of time.When the Amazon was changing deforestation wasn't the only reason.


What do you think about the amazon rainforest? Now that understand more about it do you consider it as a future vacation? Did it get your point of interest? Would you take some family members with you? Would you go more than one time?