No Such Thing by John Mayer (Cover)

Introduce Yourself

James Moulton

Hey! My name is James!

I'm from Vero Beach, Florida. It's a town off the east coast of Florida, and it's about an hour and a half drive from Orlando.

My Desired Major

I'm hoping to eventually become an Environmental Engineer, because it is something I'm passionate about. We only have one planet, so I intend on doing my best to keep it healthy.

Why did I join EXCEL

I joined the program because I'm going for a STEM major, so I might as well join the program to get the most amount of help possible to ease my journey through the rigorous courses.

How EXCEL will help this first year

To be in classes with other like minded people, as well as the great amount of assistance from the TA's and Professors will allow me to transition and succeed with ease in this new atmosphere.

Interesting Fact about myself

I love to sing and play guitar! Last year I won my High School's singing competition by playing Neon by John Mayer (Which is my favorite artist)