Sydney Opera House

By Michael, Sophie and Hayley

The Competition

The competition started in 1956 and end in 1957 when Jorn Utzon won the competition.

There where 222 entries.

History of the location

The Sydney Opera House is located on Bennolong Point a man named Bennolong gave it its name. Its in port jackson NSW Australia.

Jorn Utzon

He was 218 out 222. He grew up in the town of aalborg. He was born 9th of April 1918. When he won he was 38. He died in 2008. He was born in 1918.

Other facts

There are over 1 million tiles. There are 5 theaters. Over 4.5 million people attended in a year. Queen Elizabeth II opened it.

Time line

Dec:1955 competition starts.

Dec:1956 competition closes Jorn Utzon winner.

Aug:1957 100,000 ponds to the building.

Apr:1963 27,986,000 dollars donated.

Jun: 1973 finished 107 million spent.

Oct:1973 Offaly open by Queen Elizabeth ll.