How to Fix Windows 10 OS Touchpad

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1. Touchpad Issues with Windows 10 OS? Here’s How to Resolve Them

Are you planning to roll back to the previous edition of Windows after experiencing touchpad woes in Windows 10 OS? Stop for a while and look for solutions first of all and try them to fix Windows 10 OS issue.

You are not alone to have such issues, as so many users have reported some issues after installing the latest Windows 10 OS on their computer system. Everything goes well and smoothly, but you find all of sudden that the touchpad is not working properly. Though the issues after installing Windows 10 are caused by several key reasons – most of them are related to the system conflict that can happen due to running outdated software or drivers on the latest OS Windows 10. Read more at

2. Microsoft to Prohibit Using Common Passwords to Ensure Safety

In line with its objective to make better users’ online safety against impending cyber threats, Microsoft Windows 10 technical team is planning to prohibit the use of common password that appears to be easy-to-decode by hackers. In last few years, we have come across so many alarming stories how hackers are intruding individuals’ computers to database to fetch critical information.

Microsoft keeps a large database of prohibited passwords that appear to be insecure and commonly used, and when the users will be stop from creating their username with the password that appears similar or matches with the frequently used password. Read more at

3. Fix Issue Cortana & Taskbar Search Is Not Working In Windows 10

Having billions of devices and personal computer systems running on Windows 10 OS, Windows 10 from Microsoft is termed as the most popular operating system within its Windows series. With some interesting features and applications, Windows 10 OS appears to be worthwhile to install on your computer system.

But some of its irritating issues have left some users astonished as they reported to have their computer systems plagued just after installing the latest OS on their computer system. “Taskbar search and Cortana not working” is one among some common error messages that the users are continuously coming across. Read more at

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