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Approved: M. Glover February 5, 2016

Living on our Earth

Our investigation into the solar system has led us to focus on our planet and the Sun. We read in several books that living things on Earth depend on the Sun. Finding out exactly what makes something a living thing was a priority to understand the Sun's role. We read several books (Is it Alive?, Alive or Not Alive?, and Living or Non-Living (an e-book on the school website) and were able to pull out several questions that helped us determine if something was living or not. See if your child can remember some of those questions. We then used our new knowledge to sort pictures of living and non-living things and give our reasoning behind the choices. Most things were easy to identify but we did get stumped on apples, logs and a bouquet of flowers. Once we understood the term "living things" it was fairly easy to make the connection of how the Sun helped them. All of the students had experiences observing the sun and its effects but we delved deeper. We found out what the Sun is made of, how it heats the Earth and how important the Sun is to our solar system. Our next quest is to design a structure that can protect something from the Sun. We'll become architects and engineers again as we design and build these structures. On Friday we had a celebration of the Super Bowl by playing math games and making predictions. The students really enjoyed the extra time for games and didn't even realize they were using math skills while playing. Next week we'll be finishing up our study of the Sun and Earth. We'll begin to design and build our structures. We are also going to do some bird research in connection with our data collection from the bird feeders. Valentine's Day is almost upon us so we'll spend a day or so learning about the holiday, traditions and the value of our friendships. We'll be spending time reviewing and assessing second trimester skills for report cards too.

What's Happening Next Week?

We're hoping to finish up our Sun and Earth research and move on to designing, building and testing our shade structures. Math time will be used to review numerals, counting sets, sorting, and finding hidden partners. Our writing workshop is moving right along. The students have jumped on board with trying to improve their stories with details. We'll hopefully finish up a piece and be ready to publish by the middle of February.

Important Dates

February 12 -- Valentine's Party

February 15 -- President's Day - NO SCHOOL

February 18 -- Report Cards Go Home

February 23-24 -- Class PIctures


RL.K.2 RL.K.9; RF.K.1a-d; RF.K.2.a and d; RFK.3a-c; W.K.3; W.K.7; W.K.8; SLK.2; SLK.5; SLK.6; LK1.a; LK.2a-d; KCC.1; KCC.2; KCC.4; KCC.5; KCC.6; K.OA.1, 2 and 3.