4th Grade Events

Written by Mrs. Austin and Miss Barbieri's 4th Grade Classes

Veterans Day

November 11th was Veterans Day. We had an awesome assembly to honor our Veterans. We wore red, white, and blue. The student government performed a story on Veterans. We listened to the alphabet and all the letters stood for something that had to do with the Veterans. The students all sang patriotic songs. The fourth grade classes wrote letters to the Veterans to honor them. The second graders colored pictures of Veterans. Our PTA parents gave us Veterans packets. If you did not know what Veterans are then I'll tell you. Veterans are soldiers that served in the army, air force, coast guard, marines, and navy. They are no longer Veterans but we are very proud of them.

Written by: Gabby Buttari

Win, Lose, or Tie

Win, Lose, or Tie

Center Elementary hosted the 1st Annual Ugly Tie Contest! It was a race to raise the most money with their ugly tie. Each class made a tie that nobody wanted to wear and displayed it in the hallway. A can was placed in front of each tie. Students voted by dropping money into the can in front of their choice for the ugliest tie. The ugliest tie that raised the most money had to be worn all day by that classroom’s teacher. Center was dying to know the winner!

And the Winner is...

The winner of the Ugly Tie Contest was... Mrs.Schanbacher! Although neither of the fourth grade classes won, the school was happy for Mrs. Schanbacher's class. The winning tie raised around one hundred dollars and all the ties together raised about two hundred dollars. Center was very proud of the amount of money they were able to Wish charity and we can't wait for next year!

Red Ribbon Week

In our school, Center, we had an awesome week of red ribbon activities! Every day of the week we had something spectacular planned! But most importantly, we learned why we should never do drugs or drink.

We started off with a door decorating contest. The cool thing was that all the grades had to compete against each other. Everyone’s door was different. Mrs. Austin’s class won the contest along with two other classes. Mrs. Austin's door said “Soar The Sky With Natural High!” They also had fun activities planned for us. On one day we had to wear neon colors. On another day we got red ribbon pencils. Our PTA parents even got us red ribbon packets. It was a great week!

By: Ella

Rockin' at Ridgewood!

On December 19th, Center’s 4th grade classes and student government had some fun at Ridgewood (assisted living center) and spread holiday cheer. We made snowman crafts and gave them to the residents. We sang carols and holiday songs. The residents clapped and some even sang along. The residents loved it and so did we!

by: Meredith & Carly

Fourth Grade Editors: Kate and Madison

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