Maximum Ride

By James Patterson


The basic plot of the book is that these kids that are part bird and part human are constantly on the run from the organization that experimented on them. The main character is called Max, and she and the others have wings. The organization is called the school and the people that are following them are called Erasers.

The climax in the book is when the gang travel to New York and Angel reveals that she can read minds, thus finding out more information on the flock and their true families. The resolution is when they escape the Erasers' clutches with some more information about themselves.

Favorite Part

My favorite part in the book is when they go to a fast food resturant for the first time. Since they're bird hybrids, they have to eat a lot to gain back their energy. So when they ordered tons of food, the workers and customers were very shocked. It was hilarious! I liked it because I can imagine the scenario perfectly.

Best Character

I personally believe that the best character is Max herself. She is different from a stereo typical girl, and that's why I like her. She's not afraid to take risks and get her hands dirty. She also isn't afraid of her differences, and she uses them for her benefit.


The theme is, don't be afraid just because you're different from "normal" people. Two quotes that support this:

•""Yes!" said Fang, punching the air."Freaks rule!"" This quote shows how Fang isn't afraid to be who he is.

•"We probably look like starving orphan children. Hey! We were starving orphan children."

This quote shows how Max still has a light sense to being who she is, despite how bad it sounds.