VCR Lesson 10

Jada Walters

Pituitary ____________ is a rare condition where blood infiltrates the pituitary gland, which can cause intense headaches and worsening vision.




A stroke; a sudden loss of muscular control, sensation or consciousness usually resulting from rupture or blockage of a blood vessel (often used hyperbolically to describe a state of extreme rage that produces exaggerated responses).

Roots: APO (Greek) "away from"

PLESSEIN (Greek) "to strike"

Other Forms

apoplectic - adjective


stroke, thrombosis, seizure, occlusion


consciousness, awareness

Choose the sentence in which apoplexy (or one of its forms) is used incorrectly.

a.) When Marie saw that her nephew had drawn on her new couch with a permanent marker, she was so filled with apoplectic anger that her face began to turn red.

b.) During a stressful tour to promote the Treaty of Versailles and American entry into the League of Nations, Woodrow Wilson suffered an apoplectic stroke that effectively ended his presidency.

c.) Catherine the Great's death has been attributed to internal brain hemorrhaging and apoplexy

d.) Though he was at first startled by the surprise party, the man eventually laughed off his initial shock and joined the party with apoplectic energy.