Which Material Insulates Better?

By: Alexandria Specht

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this experiment was to find out which material makes for a better insulation. I became interested in this experiment because I didn’t quite know which one would work best the information gained from this experiment will help others by If they have a dog that needs to sleep outside then the doghouse could be insulated or if they might not have anything for insulation then they could use these materials.


I learned that even denim jeans are used for insulation. There are many benefits of using materials like this too. In using things like this we are recycling, and also there are no CFC’s so it is completely safe. Cotton is also used for insulation along with plastic, and many other recycled Items.

The thing about insulation that’s so great is it keeps you house warm in the winter (which is needed in Nebraska) and cooler in the summer (Also needed for the two glorious short months of summer in Nebraska.) Also I learned that even some metals can be used as well. So if we run out of a certain type of insulation we have many more resources to be used for insulation.


My hypothesis is the cork board would work best. I base my hypothesis is based on the cork board is more densely compacted, so it may be able to get some hot air in and not let it out.


Card board box

Cork Board





Independent Variable, Dependent Variable, Controlled Variable

Iv: Insulator

Dv: Temp

Cv: outer temp, number of hours it sits


1.) Get a cardboard box

2.) Line It with the materials (Corkboard, plastic wood, metal) one of them each night

3.) Make sure the temperature is the same each time ( The Temperature in the fridge is 32 degrees)

4.) Set it in the fridge

5.) Check it the same time every morning and measure the temperature

6.) Repeat with all four materials

Observations/Log Data

Corkboard: 37 degrees

Wood: 33 degrees

Plastic: 32 degrees

Metal: 35 degrees


The original purpose of this experiment was to find out which material makes for a better insulation. The results of the experiment were cork board was the best insulation.

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My hypothesis was the cork board would work best. The results indicate this hypothesis should be considered false. Based on the results of this experiment, don't use wood for insulation. If I were to conduct this science fair project again, I would change some of the materials.


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