Benefits and funds

By Nathaniel Uttley

Childhood and Adolescence funds


When somebody has a child they receive child benefits to help the look after the child. The parents may choose what to do with the money, wether they want to give it to the child or maybe spend it on themselves.

  • Eldest or only child......................... £20.30
  • Additional child............................. £13.40
  • Gardian allowance.......................... £15.55
There is also a child's trust fund that provides money for children from under privileged children.


Teenagers wanting to go onto university but do not own enough money to pay for it receive a student loan. The government lends the amount of money needed to go into further education and you don't pay it back until you begin to earn. There are also apprenticeships; this is when the government pays employers to take in students and train them to be as good as they are at their job.


If an adult is unemployed , he/she will receive benefits. This is money given to them by the government if they are unemployed or sick, so they can afford all their needs. They also receive parental financial support to help with their child. Not only this but they can also receive tax credit. As long as they pay their tax and they have children or something of the sort, they do not have to pay as much tax.


Pensioners in britain receive many different benefits. These include State Pension, where everyone over 65 receives money every week. Also during the winter they get cold weather payment. Where people over 65 receive money to pay for heating during the winter months. Not only this but they recieve free bus passes so they are able to travel most places for free.