Peer Ministry Summer Meeting Agenda

June 25, 2014

Sign in Via Socrative

Room # CampusMinistry

Every meeting we will begin by signing into Socrative for a brief survey and sign in. This will be used to help keep records for attendance purposes.

Opening Prayer

Prayer Requests

Every meeting at the beginning of the meeting, there will be a form to fill out, for any prayer request you might have. These will be prayed for as a group when we close the meeting with Prayer.
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Peer Ministry Contracts - Mrs. Pascua and Mr. Alvarado

Contracts will be a required part of Peer Ministry. Contracts are passed out and we will go over the details of the contract and what is expected of Peer Ministers for the upcoming school year.

In the contract you will find:

  • Peer Ministry Responsibilities
  • Absences Policy
  • Discipline Policy
  • A list of Peer Ministry Events

Our Leadership Model

Chair Descriptions

Chair Nominations

Chair Nominations will be due Monday June 30th by 3:00 p.m. either via email to and or can be given to Mr. Alvarado at Notre Dame. Everyone please add your nominations, remember that a person must be nominated at least twice to be considered for a chair person.


What do you want to bring to Peer Ministry this year?

Other Business

Retreat Planning Workshops - What days and times work best for everyone to come together and start planning the retreats?

We had to cancel the Peer Ministry Retreat, do we want to have another experience? A Day Retreat? An Overnight Retreat? A bonding day? Thoughts on what, when and where.

Closing Prayer