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About Me

My names Abby Harmon I'm 13 years old. I have a brother, Junior who is 17 and a little sister, Olivia who is 8. I go to Highland Middle School and I play volleyball which I am very dedicated to. I try to keep my grades up in school by doing the best that I can. I plan on going to school at UCA and becoming an Occupational Therapist after I graduate high school .


From the results of my self esteem test I have a pretty low self esteem. I believe my results showed this because most of the time I'm not very confident in myself.
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From my results on my attitude test it shows I have a mostly negative. I think this is because I lack confidence and can not look at the positive side of things.
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Career Aptitude

My career aptitude results show that I should be in the business of science, mathematics, or medical. I think these results are correct because I am good at math, science, and I want to be in the medical business.
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Learning Style

I am a auditory and tactile learner. So I do things better hands on and people telling me what to do.
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