Geography of Dairy Farming

Year 10

Brief Summary

Australian dairy is a $13 billion farm, manufacturing and export industry. With a farmgate value alone of $4 billion, the Australian dairy industry enriches regional Australian communities.

Australia’s 6700 dairy farmers produce around 9.5 billion litres of milk a year. The Australian dairy industry directly employs 43,000 Australians on farms and in factories, while more than 100,000 Australians are indirectly employed in related service industries.

Social Impacts of Dairy Farming

Some of the social impacts of dairy farming are,

The major exports markets in Australia dairy and the biggest countries we export to are...

China = 129 000 tonnes

Japan = 125 000 tonnes

Signapore = 84 000 tonnes

Indonesia = 43 000 tonnes

Malaysia = 52 000 tonnes

Another social impact of dairy farming is how much milk Australia consume within a year... australians consume an average of 107 litres a year per person/ per capita.

The daily industry directly employs 43 000 people and indirectly employs 100 000 people.

Economics of Dairy Farming

The economics of dairy farming are...

Dairy is Australia's 3rd largest rural industry

$13 billion farm, Manufacturing and export industry

The Environment Impacts of Dairy Farming

The national heard size on average is 1.65 million cows

The average farm herd size is 258 cows

There is a massive environment impact in dairy farming with the amount of water that is used, the ground impact with all the cows walking on the same part of the earth everyday. the methane that the cows breathe out, that the cow produce 54kgs of wet poo eeryday