by Adriana Brooks


  • pemphogiod is grouped as a subepidermal
  • mostly known in woman over the age of 60
  • different types of this condition may be treated differently
  • these blisters are found in the inner thighs, stomach/lower abdominal, groin, upper thighs or any area of skin that may fold or crease
  • these blisters can grow to many centimeters large
  • blisters may appear to have a crust around them
*if treated correctly, these blisters can heal without any scarring*
How It Hurts The Body..
  • this blistering disease that attacks the epidermis and the mucosa
  • this condition can grow for years
  • scaring from this disease in the mucous membrane can lead to disability
  • prevention varies with the different steins of the disease
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Bullous Pemphigoid

What Is It?
  • fluid filled blisters on skin
  • typically on skin that moves or rubs
  • elderly people are more likely to get it
  • can also be found in any age, any race in males and females
  • there are around 7-10 new cases every year
  • during the "non-blistering" stage, it can be very hard to diagnose
  • in the "non-blistering" stage, the skin may appear elevated and red
  • visibly large blister (will not break when touched)
  • the fluid is normally clear, but also can have blood inside
  • the skin around the blister may seem completely normal, or have red spots around them
  • can seem very itchy around the blisters
*these blisters may be on the stomach/lower abdominal, groin, upper thighs or any area of skin that may fold or crease*
  • thin tissue under the epidermis is attacked by your immune system
  • the immune system mistakes this tissue as harmful and tries to destroy it
  • can be triggered by some medications being taken
  • also can be triggered by Ultraviolet Light Therapy or radiation
  • medication is given to stop the immune system from attacking the tissue
  • can be life threatening to the elderly
Things To Watch..
  • the risk of getting these blisters increases with age, as a person becomes more wrinkly
  • if the blisters rupture and get infected, it can lead to Sepsis that can be life threatening
  • minimum sunlight
  • wear protective clothing
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Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid

What Is It..
  • it is a Chronic Autoimmune disorder
  • blistering that affects the mucous membranes inside the body
  • woman are more likely to end up with this disease then men
  • the blistering can affect the skin
  • mouth and eye membranes are most commonly affected
  • nose, throat and other membranes through out the body can be affected
  • different sites of the body with this disease may have different symptoms
  • the blistering may heal, but sometimes can leave a scar
  • depending on where the scars occur, could lead to serious damages to the eyes and throat
  • hygiene inside the mouth
  • regular visits to the doctor
  • less sun exposure to the mouth and eyes

Pemphigoid Gestationis

What Is It..
  • a rare Autoimmune Bullous Dermatosis can occur while being pregnant
  • starts off as an itchy rash then turns into the blisters
  • start to show late into pregnancy, but can form any time during pregnancy
  • most commonly appear around the stomach area around the belly button and lower back
  • can spread around the body
  • 2-4 weeks the large blisters form
  • these blisters can flare during or shortly after delivery
  • this type of blister in most cases go away shortly after having the baby
  • some don't have blisters, just a raised itchy patch
Other Facts..
  • originally thought of as being herpes gestationis because of the blisters looking so closely to the blisters that form during the herpes virus
  • symptoms can be blistering, itchy red spots and raised red spots
  • a skin biopsy is needed to diagnose
  • sometimes can be diagnosed by a blood sample
  • the main purpose of treatment is to stop the itching and prevent blisters from forming
  • little medication is used to stop the itching, but does not hurt the baby
  • after the baby is born, more effective doses can be used to fully get rid of the disease

Different Stages of Pemphigoid Gestationis

Gestational Pemphigoid


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