The Blake Buzz

May 4-8, 2015

Happy Staff Appreciation Week!

Dear Blake Family:

This week is designated as Staff Appreciation Week and our PTA has purchased treats and lunch for you. I am sure that many students will show their appreciation to you as well. I would like to take a moment to thank you for making our school the best that it can be. Thank you for all the hours you spend, attention that you give, knowledge that you pass on, and the needs that you meet for our students. The time that you spend planning engaging lessons and the events you help us create make wonderful memories for Blake's kids. They will may not remember all that you said, but they WILL remember how you made them feel, whether they were at Blake for a short time, or for all their years in elementary school. You make me proud to be your principal, and I am forever grateful for how far we have come in four years! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Important Dates to Remember

K-PREP COUNTDOWN--Only 9 more days until testing begins!

K-PREP Reminders:

  1. Please adhere to the dates Mrs. Johnson gave you for removing instructional materials in the hallways and decorating your bulletin boards to motivate students for K-PREP school wide. (K-2 teachers DO NOT need to remove materials from inside the rooms; 3-5 DO need to remove them or cover them up.) Students who are in grades 3-5 should not be sent to any primary rooms for timeout or other reasons during testing. Keep your doors closed and locked, K-2 teachers, so we don't have testing fraud allegations.
  2. Please make sure that you are using all instructional time wisely (no movies, extended recess times, free time, etc.) leading up to and during the testing window. The afternoons after K-PREP need to be used for instruction. I know that this goes without saying for most of our teachers, but want to make sure that everyone knows the expectations.


5/4 Soccer Practice 4-5pm

  • 3-5:30pm- Glenn and McCoy will go to Bellarmine Literacy Project Information Session. (We were chosen for next year! Yay!!)


  • Soccer Game 5:30
  • Faculty Meeting 4-5pm - Brittney Griffith will present professional development on her leadership project, multicultural education. We will also spend time creating next year's special area and lunch schedule. Teams will choose times and collaborate with special area teachers to finalize schedule.

5/8 JCPS Principals' Meeting


  • Beach Party during Lunch for kids. Dress-down day.

5/12 Faculty Meeting 4-5pm


  • LG&E Science Night 4-6pm (2nd and 3rd Grade Families ONLY)
  • Kindergarten Field Trip to Louisville Science Center


5/19 NO SCHOOL ELECTION DAY (Instructional Staff needs 24 PD hours to be off)

5/21 Closing Ceremony for Head Start 2:30pm

5/22 K-PREP Testing Ends

5/25 NO SCHOOL-Memorial Day

5/26 Talent Show Practice 2pm

5/27 Talent Show Practice 2pm

5/28 PreK Closing Ceremony

  • 10:15-10:45pm Johnstone
  • 1:15-2pm MCPherson
  • 5pm FRC Parent Financial Workshop



6/3 4th Grade Field Trip to Louisville Science Center 10am-3pm


  • Kindergarten Closing Ceremony 9:45-10:45am
  • Talent Show 2pm

6/5 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 9:45-11:00am

6/8 Last day for teachers & assistants

May and June Birthdays

5/4 Paula Fitzgerald

5/12 Pamela Monhollon

5/14 Melissa Spayd

5/13 Sarah Wiljanen

5/24 Allison Henry

5/25 Shannon Mason

5/27 Venita Burnett

6/2 Katie Ratchford

6/3 Karen Lawhorn

6/16 Donna Stevenson

6/20 Grace Clements

6/25 Madeline Jenne

6/27 Tosha Fields