Math City

Made by Garrett, Anthony and Mitchell

A Little Bit About The Game:

Welcome to The City of Math; Math City! This game will give your brain a great workout with some of the most challenging problems generated for YOUR BRAIN! Good luck rushing through the brightly lit, Math streets of Math City!


1) Once you've have all of your players, organize what the order of turns are.

2) During the player's turn, the player will role the dice.

3) Once you've rolled the dice, you move as the # on the dice accordingly.( 1-6 )

4) After you move, you should land on a tile with the color GREEN, ORANGE, RED, or RAINBOW


To win the game, you have to get past all of the towers of problems at various levels. In other words, you have to get the questions right to advance to the finish line. Good luck!


1) one dice
2) 4 different stacks of cards. (the decks that you draw from.)
3) Players 2-4
4) Gameboard


Good Luck in Math City! The one with the most questions right will most likely win!