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Week Of October 9, 2017




This week has been a challenging week. There are few that understand the reference this week and have a shared experience with me. This week has forced me to examine what I believe to be true about students, families and what we expect.

We often talk about equity work in public schools. In fact we openly talk about Kids get what is fair and not what is equal. This week was focused on the needs of a few despite the needs of the many.

This video reminds me that as we hope to meet students needs with our "Regular" delivery model because they are quite "ALIKE", there are a few who need some thing else because they are "Different". It is time for us to continue to fight for those that have no voice, those that are underserved and those that need us to recognize their unique needs. It is time to REFRAME the conversation.

My hope is that we all do not lose site of this and continue to fight and work together for the Few who need something different, because if we don't, who will?



#CSESTRONG Weekly Staff Mindfulness Challenge

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October 11 - Eric Skanson

October 14 - Mark Larcom

October 30 - Jaclyn Klinkner

Weekly Schedule

Monday 10/9

  • DAY 1
  • 7:30 - SAT
  • Faith Formation - Grades 1/2

Tuesday 10/10

  • DAY 2
  • 7:30 - BSED Meeting
  • Faith Formation - Grades 3/4/5
  • 8:30 - Grade 5 Kindness Retreat w/Discovery School
  • 3:00 - BLT Meeting

Wednesday 10/11

  • DAY 3
  • 7:30 - Building RtI
  • "Stand Up For Kindness Day" - wear orange!
  • 9:00 - Cold Spring Fire Department present to Grades K-3
  • Kindergarten meet in the Commons
  • Grade 1 meet in the Primary Pod
  • Grade 2 meet in the Center Gym
  • Grade 3 meet in the Cafeteria

Thursday 10/12

  • DAY 4
  • 7:30 - Q-Comp/PLC/AC
  • Rockville Fire Dept. here with the Smoke House (no details yet)
  • 3:00 - Fun Committee

Friday 10/13

  • DAY 1
  • 7:00 - District RtI
  • 3 hour Early Dismissal

Important Upcoming Dates

10/10 - 5th Grade Kindness Retreat with Discovery Elementary

10/11 - CS Fire Dept. here for K-3 (more details to come)

10/12 - Rockville Fire Dept. here with Smoke Trailer (more details to come)

10/13 - 3 Hour Early Dismissal

10/19 - NO SCHOOL - MEA Break

10/20 - NO SCHOOL - MEA Break

10/25 - Vision Screenings (Grades 1/3/5)

10/26 - Picture Retake Day

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Social Media @ ROCORI

Please consider sending in your information and a few pictures for the Staff Spotlight on the district Facebook page. Here are the steps:

1. Fill out the short survey from this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/L2HB359

2. Send 1-4 pictures of yourself to socialmedia@rocori.k12.mn.us

2017-2018 WBWF Goals


The percentage of all students in grades 3-5 at CSE enrolled by October 1st who score at or above grade level targets as measured by the READING will increase from 54.6% in 2017 to 65% in 2018.


The percentage of all students in grades 3-5 at CSE enrolled by October 1st who score at or above grade level targets as measured by the MATH MCA will increase from 60.4% in 2017 to 68% in 2018.

What are potential FOCUS areas of Improvements for SLG/PGP?

Time on Text

Close Reading

Oral Vocabulary Usage/Development


Student Targets

Standard Alignment and Deconstruction

School News/ Annoucements

Sandwhich Lunch Tickets will not be needed starting Monday. YOu do need to have an accurate lunch count!

  • Lunch count and attendance should be done by 9:00 a.m.

  • Need CPI Refresher and Training DATES? Click HERE

Teacher Evaluation

Student Learning Goal (SLG)

Due by Oct 18th to Mr. Skanson

Document Link HERE

Send to skansone@rocori.k12.mn.us

Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

Due by Oct 18th

Document Link HERE

Send to Brad Bauer (bauerb@rocori.k12.mn.us)

Formal Observation Form

Summative Observation Form

Congrats, Kudos, and Thank You!

Thank You CSE Building Leadership Team. We had an incredible day of meaningful work in setting a meaningful and appropriate direction for CSE! More information to come!

Committee Updates:

Click HERE to access the CSE committee memberships

Why do we have Committee Structure at CSE?

1. To improve decision making process/feedback between staff/administration

2. To Empower Staff to See the Problem/Own the Problem #TOP20

3. Amplify All Voices at CSE

4. Assist in the overall communication and governance at CSE

RtI (Response to Intervention)

Click HERE to access the District RtI Notes

Committee Chair: Jim Meyer

CSE Building RTI met and updated the Yearly Assessment Matrix. We will be asking each teacher to contribute to our BUILDING Assessment Document. More information coming soon.

CI (Curriculum and Instruction)

Click HERE to access the District CI Notes

Committee Chair: Joyce Baumann BaumannJ@rocori.k12.mn.us EXT 3145

Math roll out is underway. We are looking for a way to gather information about questions, materials, training needs, etc. The "math experts" will have their training on Tuesday, the 26th. They will decide how to gather this information.

Piloting of our potential new reading curriculum will begin in October.

Deconstruction of standards work will continue this school year.

Training focuses for upcoming year: Grades K-2: Orton-Gillingham Grade 3-5: Close Reading

SD (Staff Development)

Click HERE to access the District SD Notes

Chair: Leslie Buttweiler

Items to Discuss

  1. Last meetings notes – discussed ongoing need for collaboration between committees
  2. District SD update – updates on academy day (registration, format, presenters, topics)
  3. Budget – 17/18 budget is significantly less (1/3) but we are told budgeting has been done differently this year to “assess” actual needs and are encouraged to “request what we need and they will adjust the funding” ??
  4. Fund Requests – see above
  5. Ideas for Academy Day – still looking for presenters!


Chair- Sharon Posch- poschs@rocori.k12.mn.us -Ext 3142

Why: To create a culture of literacy with students, staff, and families

Goals for the year:

  • Promote an increase in student conversations around texts students are reading
  • Create practice profiles for CAFÉ and Conferring
  • Get some Little Free Libraries up and running in the building
  • Continue the Principal Book Clubs with 4th/5th grade and possibly look at adding 3rd grade
  • Get posters of books made to hang around the building to get excitement around reading the books
  • Collaboration with CS Public Library
  • Library Book Shelves dedicated to students’ book recommendations


Chair- Rachel McDougall Ext 3129

"Working is hard and distracts from having fun." -Orson Scott Card

Check out the email about the mugs, notebooks and birthdays. More fun coming soon!

Health, Safety, Building Improvement

Chair- Tom Petroski PetroskiT@rocori.k12.mn.us EXT 3116

Family Groups

Chair- Brian Kothrade KothradeB@rocori.k12.mn.us EXT 3111

Spartan Pride

Chair- Dustin Kramer KramerD@rocori.k12.mn.us Ext 3136

More Spartan Badges coming soon!

Digital Leadership

Chair Greg Spanier SpanierG@rocori.k12.mn.us EXT 3119

Daily 5 Tip of the Week.. from the DAILY CAFE

Starting the Conversation

Allison Behne

Lately, my inbox has been flooded with surveys from companies that want to know how they can provide better service. They use survey responses as a diagnostic tool to make changes and improve service. The survey initiates a conversation that will fill in blanks for them, leading to an improved experience for customers. It is a strategy that is just as effective with students.

We want our students to have the best instruction possible. By knowing each child’s strengths and limitations as a reader, we can design our instruction to meet their individual needs. We do this through assessment data, running records, and conversation—we ask them. The students in our classroom may not be able to tell us what specific strategy they need, but through questioning and conversation they can tell us what they are good at and what is challenging for them, and that information can serve as a diagnostic tool for us in goal setting.

We start the conversation with two casual questions, and they begin to fill in the blanks:

  • Tell me about yourself as a reader.
  • Why did you choose this book?

After listening carefully to what they tell us, we take that information and use it to reinforce and support strengths and to provide explicit instruction to accelerate progress.

Our curriculum, assessments, and standards are all an important part of providing service, but if we don't give them a voice, we are missing an opportunity to provide the best experience for our customers, the students who entrust us with their lives every day.


Staff Spotlight Leslie Buttweiler- Special Education

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Leslie Buttweiler


Leslie Buttweiler

How Many Years have you worked at CSE?

This is year 20.


Special Education

What I love most about my job at CSE

Students and colleagues.

Favorite Food


Favorite Children's Book.. and Why!

"The Places You'll Go". By Dr Suess


Attending my kids sports activities, reading, spending time on the lake.

Interesting FACTS about ME

This is year: 26
Schools: 7
Districts: 4
Grades I've taught: K - 12+
Current Position: k-5 special education
Longest grade: k-5
Principals: 8
States: MN
Classrooms: 13