Arizona FAF$A Challenge

March 2019

FAFSA Completion Goal Update

Arizona has sprung into action with a 38% FAFSA completion rate among high school seniors as of March 8, 2019. This brings the state only 13% away from its 50% goal! An estimated 9,500 more completed FAFSA's are needed to reach the goal. Currently, Arizona is up 1.9% in FAFSA completion compared to last year and as a state we continue to make strides. We have until June 30, 2019 to reach our 50% goal and with everyone's continued support and efforts we are on our way to achieving this milestone.

Who Will Win the Trophy?

The competition is becoming fierce as schools are battling for the number one spot in the MVP and Most Improved challenges. The competition is set to end on March 31, 2019. Some schools are as close as one completed FAFSA away from winning the trophy and leading the state in their senior enrollment category; the winner will be a close call. The winners will be announced in the April 2019 newsletter and on the website.

To see if your school is in the Top 10 for the Highest FAFSA Completion-MVP or Most Improved trophies, click on the images below.

MVP Top 10 Schools

Most Improved Top 10 School

Most Innovative Player

Congratulations to Moon Valley High School on winning the Most Innovative Player Award for the month of February 2019! The Governor's Office of Education and the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education are thrilled to present MVHS with this award because of their unique and innovative FAFSA completion efforts that they have fostered throughout their campus. MVHS has done amazing work this school year to raise their FAFSA completion rates. Currently, they are up 15% from last year and are on track to surpass their final FAFSA completion rate from last school year.

Moon Valley High School Best Practices

" I've learned that one-on-one conversations is the most important factor in getting a student to complete his/her FAFSA."

-Jennifer Emmanual, MVHS Counselor

Hosting Multiple FAFSA Completion Workshops Throughout the School Year:

Moon Valley HS has hosted over 12 FAFSA completion workshops for their students and parents to attend. They held 8 in the month of October and continue to work with students to ensure that all seniors complete a FAFSA. They also collaborate with college reps on hosting next steps workshops for admitted students.

Innovative Themes: They created fun themes for their FAFSA events to encourage students to attend, such as "FAFSA and Donuts". They also created fun posters to display around campus to remind students to complete their FAFSA and market their college-going events.

Communication: Communication is key! Counselors keep parents informed by sending e-mail announcements every two weeks informing them about upcoming FAFSA and college-going events on campus. Counselors also reach out to students individually about completing their FAFSA and remind them about upcoming FAFSA events on campus.

College T-Shirt Day: Once a month MVHS teachers, counselors, staff and students are encouraged to wear their college/university t-shirts to create a college-going atmosphere.

Campus Tours: The Career Center Specialist coordinates college/university campus tours for students to attend. During these tours students have the opportunity to learn about the different campuses and program offerings. So far they have visited over 5 different college campuses throughout Arizona

FAFSA Announcements: Social Studies/Government teachers set up a designated bulletin board in their classrooms for all things FAFSA and college and career related announcements.

Just a friendly reminder that February was our last Most Innovative Player award for this 2018-2019 school year. The MVP and Most Improved Schools will be announced next month.

2018-2019 Most Innovative Winners for this school year include:

October 2018- Millenium High School

November 2018- Washington High School

December 2018- Douglas High School

January 2019- Tolleson Union High School

February 2019- Moon Valley High School

Financial Aid Fair

¡Hay dinero para la educación! Le estaremos ayudando en persona a llenar la forma FAFSA para recibir apoyo federal para la educación durante nuestra feria financiera 2019 el 30 de marzo en Phoenix College . Llame a College Depot al 602-261-8847 para hacer una cita.

There is money for college! Univision will be providing in-person help to complete the FAFSA form at their 2019 Financial Aid Fair on March 30th at Phoenix College from 10am-2pm. Call College Depot at 602-261-8847 to make an appointment.