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What is This Thing?

In an effort to get you information that is timely, but that also won't blow up your inbox, I'm going to be sending out weekly newsletters using this fun resource called Smores. Smores lets you make digital posters, newsletters, flyers, etc (for FREE) that you can email, post, print, and probably more.

I'll have some thoughts, some resources and whatever else pops up in the week, and send them to you.

Hope you find some great information here!

The Edcamp Revolution

In the past three years I have seen a drastic change in the way teachers digest information. My first year I could do an after school class on a cool tool and I would have a handful of people show up, which was 100% more than I have had yet this year! I've wondered why and I think that teachers don't want something that doesn't fit with their classroom right now. I do a lot more as needed, organic PD now than before.

Cue the rise in popularity of the Edcamp. Edcamps are day long events without a set schedule. As participants arrive they share on sticky notes what they want to learn, or what kind of session they could facilitate, and those are matched up and a session board is formed. It is truly teacher centered PD. The teachers teach and the teachers learn, all about the things they want to teach and learn about. Beautiful!

I attended EdcampATX in Austin this past weekend and loved the experience. I loved it so much that I'm working to plan an EdcampSBR in August for Spring Branch.

There might be a mini-Edcamp happening right here at MDE this spring, so there's something to look forward to!

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It might feel like winter out, but we still have plenty of fall to celebrate. Check out this list of fall resources from technology rocks. seriously!

Looking for a way to help your students dive deeper into the subject matter? Here's an idea called the Paideia Seminar, which sounds like the Socratic Seminar turned to 11. Don't let the mention of CCSS turn you off--good teaching is just good teaching!

Looking for some good primary apps? Try a few from this list.

Remember the Electric Company? If you have some fond memories of that show from your childhood, you might be interested in literacy lessons with the Electric Company.

Looking for a way to integrate maps into your lessons? Photo Mapo is a fun app that will allow you to integrate a photo with a map and add text. Great for biographies, history lessons, weather, landforms, and more, this might become one of those great use it everyday apps! P.S. Read on to get a great Book Creator idea!

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