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November Newsletter

Boo! We enjoyed Halloween!

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Trick or Treat!

We had such fun at the parade and our Halloween party! Thank you for making it such a great time!

Daily 5 and Reading Workshop

We are now in full swing with Reading Workshop. The students are engaged and autonomous in the classroom. When you walk in there is a pleasant hum in room 204! The students know what is expected and look forward to going to each activity and build their stamina in the various literacy activities. Guided reading groups are also busy! We are meeting and reading together. We are working on different decoding strategies, such as sounding out the letters we see or reading to the end of the sentence then coming back to the unknown word to figure that word out. Thank you for your support in encouraging the students to reread their stories at home. This practice goes a long way to building fluency and comprehension.


This is one of our favorite Math with a Friend activities. This game helps to solidify our addition facts to 12. Plus, it is super fun!
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In Math we have been practicing working in a workshop method as well. I teach a short mini-lesson on addition, money, time, etc. and then the students work on various math activities that practice skills that we have learned. This allows time for me to pull students and work in small groups to review the concepts that I have taught, teach a new math strategy, or introduce a more challenging concept. The students love the flexibility of this workshop approach. This month many of the math activities had a Halloween touch!


We are almost to the end of our first unit in science. We have been looking first at comparing objects as a measuring, putting things in order in terms of length. Now, we are looking at using different non-standard units of measure to determine length. The progression has been very interesting. It is really amazing to see the students really understand that it takes more toothpicks to measure the length of a table than it does pencils or coffee stirrers. Further, the students are able to explain that it is because the object they are using is smaller. Amazing! Later in the year, the students will be using rulers to measure length to the nearest inch.

November = Professional Development

During November break the teachers we involved in prosessional development. It was a very rewarding experience. We were presented with many options. We learned more about dyslexia and stress and students. Further, the first grade teachers were working on putting together material and applications for our ipads. We also got together and discovered more options for Morning Meeting. It was truly a beneficial time and I can't wait to put some strategies and activities I learned to use in the classroom.

Specials Schedule

Day 1- Library

Day 2 - Music

Day 3- Spanish

Day 4- Spanish and Art

Day 5- Gym

Day 6- Health and Gym

*Please have your child wear sneakers on gym day.


Don't forget to check my eboard for fun computer activities we have been working on in the computer lab. Check out the first page of my eboard to access abcya. Also, look under math for some math practice websites.

Thank you for your continued support!!