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TEKS Revisions

The SBOE has given preliminary approval to revised English and Spanish Language Arts. If given final approval at the board's April meeting, the new curriculum standards would become effective with school year 2019-2020.

Texas Dyslexia Identification Module 1 (Onlline) is Now Available Through Region 7!!!

Do you have students that you think show characteristics of dyslexia? Did you know that it is a state law for teachers of students with Dyslexia to have continuing education hours on dyslexia? Session #063706 meets this requirement.

Module 1 is the first of five modules developed to assist school districts and charter schools in the identification of students with dyslexia. The objectives for Module 1 are to define dyslexia and related disorders, explore the characteristics and common risk factors of dyslexia at varying age and grade levels, explore elements of reading, and review associated academic difficulties and conditions that may co-exist with dyslexia.

The Academies Are Coming.........

The Literacy Academies and Reading to Learn Academies will take place during the summer of 2017 for Texas teachers in grades 2-5. These academies are 3 days full of research and best practices for teaching reading and writing. Schools will be notified soon of the training dates.

Tech Tools for the Classroom

The following two links will provide you with some great technology based tools to use in your classroom.

Tech Tools for ELA

Tech Tools for the Dyslexic Student

If you want support using technology, look into these trainings : Spring Trainings

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