Let's Have A Forbidden Conversation

Ladies Are You Curious?

Part 1 of the call was amazing! Don't miss Part 2 on Friday!

This one is for the Ladies.

Let's discuss the thinking, strategies and misconceptions that may be contributing to not achieving success and happiness.

We have previously discussed risk taking and courage - but how do you put these pieces into play?

Are you holding back by holding on to things that are not YOU?

You have heard my story of struggle and success and I know all too well the thinking that can keep you living someone else’s idea of how your life is supposed to be.

Let’s spend one hour focusing on YOU!

**And if you don’t think that you are worth that hour…you REALLY need to be on this call!

Are you willing to be fearless? Or would you rather be a “pale imitation” of someone else's vision of success and happiness.

Join me for a frank conversation about your forbidden topic...YOU!

What if YOU Are What's Holding You Back?

Friday, Sep. 6th 2013 at 7-8:15pm

This is an online event.