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March 29, 2016

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We continue to practice our grammar skills through Daily Oral Language. These sentences contain mistakes in various areas such as capitalization, punctuation, word usage, and more. We use these opportunities to introduce, enhance, and capitalize on current grammar skills and strategies. Our learners have become better at recognizing grammatical errors! You could help at home by writing notes to your child that are filled with mistakes. See how many errors your child is able to find! Make it a game! Switch roles! Allow your child to write a message containing many errors that you have to find then correct. Be sure your child makes an answer key. This will identify areas that contain room for improvement.


Our learners continue to use many reading strategies to aid in their reading growth. Next week, we will continue to focus on asking and answering questions. Learners in some classes may also be reviewing past skills such as nonliteral language and text information. Many of our reading skills are not only covered during morning lessons, but they are also addressed during project time. We may also spend additional time on certain reading skills due to how often we see our classes. We truly appreciate your understanding that we want to ensure your child is using these skills and strategies in multiple settings. Lastly, remember to encourage your child to read nightly for about twenty minutes. He/She should read on the weekends for at least an hour each day. Continue to discuss with your child what has been read. Asking him/her questions that would allow for critical thinking is a great strategy to use for reading success. For example, ask your child more “why” questions as opposed to asking questions that would require a one-word response. Thank you for continuing to help us monitor your learner’s reading!


We have finished up with the fractions standards. Fresh grade should be showing progress this week.

All learners will be starting to generate and collect data based on length. Utilizing measurement is an important skill that will be built upon in the following years. This information will be obtained by measuring lengths using rulers. Learners will be expected to read the scale of a ruler to mark appropriate points or lengths of different objects. Learners will be expected to share this information by representing the data in a line plot. Important vocabulary: scale, inches, centimeters, metric scale, halves, quarters.

Note: Grade 3 expectation in measurements are limited to scales with whole numbers, halves, and quarters.

If your child needs more practice:

Project Update

Our weather project shifted this week from severe weather to a more general study of the "parts" of weather (precipitation, temperature, wind direction, etc.). Learners will be investigating the ways in which meteorologists study and collect data about the parts of weather. We will plan and create parts of a weather station and collect data in the future.
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Welcome, Ms. Hughes!

Ms. Hughes will complete her internship with Mrs. Hampton. She is excited about learning with Community Three!
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Mr. Ron Handy Plays Some Tunes for PRS!

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Sheyann Webb Shares Valuable Wisdom with Community Three!



We have been thinking about "fixed" mindset v. "growth" mindset.

  • Ask your child why it is important to have a mindset of growth
  • Talk about a time when you had a fixed mindset and how it was a hindrance
  • Ask your child about how Helen Keller's mother's mindset launched an amazing life for Helen Keller. Discuss the mindset of Helen and Annie Sullivan. (We have discussed this in class)

See below for more information on fixed mindset v. growth mindset.

We have also started formulating questions for Genius Hour projects!

Check out these AWESOME questions!

--Why does innovation matter?--

--How can I be an inventor?--

--What about baking makes people happy?--

--How can I help save endangered species from extinction?--

--How can I make a bakery?--

--What steps should I take to become a college softball player?--

These questions are just a launch for a product. You will see questions morph over time.

We have to work with our learners to help them see how to dig deeper, past finding information.

Stay tuned for our progress!

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Ask Me About...

Have you ever asked your child what he or she did in school that day, only to hear them say: "Nothing," or "I don't know"? The questions below might help your child start a conversation about what he or she is currently learning in school.

  • What severe weather event or natural disaster did you research? What are the dangers and how can a community be prepared?
  • What is a meteorologist?
  • For what "parts" of weather do meteorologists study and collect data?


Please look for information about pre-ordering a yearbook when we come back from break! Also, we are looking for help from our learners! Learners can submit a design for the back cover. The theme is The Pike Road Way and you can use any medium. Designs should be submitted on 8 1/2 in. paper. The final date to turn in designs has yet to be determined.



Clorox Wipes

Wide ruled line paper

Glue sticks

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Book Fair - April 5-7th

Please follow this link in order to sign-up to volunteer!

  • Field Trip to the Biscuit's game - April 13th
  • Professional Learning Day for Teachers, No School - April 25th
  • Field Day - Patriot Games - April 29th

Lunch Menu for March

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