Mt. Rushmore

The History of Mt Rushmore

The Beautiful carving of our greatest presidents faces, began to be constructed in 1927 and ended in 1941. This beautiful structure was made by 400 men who removed 450,000 tons of rock in order to carve the faces of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson.

Fun Facts

  • During this extremely dangerous process not a single life was lost
  • George Washington's nose is about 21 feet long
  • On average over 3 million people visit each year

Wild Life

One of the great animals of Mt Rushmore National Park is the Rocky Mountain Goat. it demands a very specific habitat. These great climbers inhabit the craggy granite core of the Black Hills. They are greatly adapted to the Black hills. The Mule Deer during summer like to hang out in the shade. In the winter during the daylight hours Mule deer are more active. Mule deer eat a variety of grasses, wildflowers, shrubs, and parts of trees.