Virtual Science Club

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History & RETN

About the Virtual Science Club

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History had a long-running Science Club from the 1970’s through early 2000’s. The goal of Science Club was to inspire a love of science for students throughout the city. We would like to try out a new type of science club-one that reaches out to rural schools via videoconferencing. The goal of the Virtual Science Club is the same, however: to inspire a love of science in your club members.

We are looking for a few educators with science clubs to help us test this program as we seek to find new ways to engage Texas students in science-and to support your hard work as Science Club sponsors in meaningful ways. We will offer the Club every other week on two afternoons to try to accommodate the variety of schedules across the region.

We have designated select Tuesdays for grades 3rd - 6th and select Thursdays for grades 5th - 8th. Please note that the program will target the specific grades, but lower and higher grades are welcome to participate as well. There will be no charge to participate in the Virtual Science Club while we are prototyping this program.

Virtual Science Club Topics

February 7th and 9th

Seed Science

Seeds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types – and are the most complex structure that a plant produces! We’ll learn about the parts of seeds and their function, explore how seeds are dispersed, create our own model of a seed that can “travel”, and begin the process of germinating seeds.

March 21st and 23rd

Solar Eclipse 2017

Get ready for the Great American Eclipse. Solar Eclipse that is! People across the world will be traveling to see the eclipse, and there are many ways you can join in on the fun! Join us to find out how.

April 4th and 6th

Excellent (Egg)speriments

Join us for a variety of egg related science experiments as we explore the worlds of biology, chemistry, and engineering!

*teachers will need to provide a carton of eggs and a few other easy to find materials.

May 16th and 18th

Matters of the Heart

Join us for fun experiments that help students understand the functions of the heart. Then get up close to learn more about how the heart works by participating in a virtual animal heart dissection.

*teachers will be provided with a short list of easy to find materials for our experiments.

3rd - 6th Grade Club Dates

Time: Select Tuesdays from 3:15 - 4:05


February 7th

March 21st

April 4th

May 16th

5th - 8th Grade Club Dates

Time: Select Thursdays from 3:45 - 4:35


February 9th

March 23rd

April 6th

May 18th

Program Details

You must register one week in advance for each club meeting.

We will begin each program with a 5 minute shout out to the joining clubs. We will then follow with a 45 minute program.

After registration, a materials list will be sent to you to gather for the hands-on activity for your club. The success of the experience is dependent upon these supplies, so please make sure to have them handy. Supplies will be cheap and easy to gather-we promise!

Our club may have multiple classes from a variety of schools across Region 11. While interactivity may be a bit low, each club has hands-on activities. Our staff will give great cues and directions to help you support your students.

This is only a test! This is a prototype for us, which allows us to offer this program at little or no charge this fall and we will need your help and feedback along the way. Look for an evaluation after the program to give us vital information.