The Jazz Age

by G-Scottz and Gunther

A New Culture in Music

During the early 1920's a new type a music developed called Jazz. Jazz originated mainly in New Orleans and was spread to Harlem as a fusion of African and European music. Jazz played a significant part in cultural changes of the early twenties. It's influence on pop culture continued long after the 1920's and is still prominent today. The Jazz Age is often referred to as the Roaring Twenties.

A Spark in Literature

The Jazz Age was a phrase coined by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the most renowned writers of the time. Many writers of the Jazz Age were influenced by the Great War, prohibition, and a new surge for social equality of women. Many more Americans read newspapers and magazines, shaping culture and spreading ideas much faster.

Famous People in the Jazz Age

The Changing Times of Entertainment

During the early twenties, many families found new ways of entertaining themselves after work. The radio gave many men and women their daily news and hours of entertainment. Americans were also going out more to enjoy new activities such as watching movies. By the middle of the twenties, the film making industry had become one of the largest in America. Professional sports became prominent in the twenties and many Americans watched sports for entertainment.

A Social Change in America

With the passage of the nineteenth amendment, women now had the right to vote. This led to a surge for total equality and a new type of woman, the flapper. Flappers wore short skirts, listened to jazz, bobbed their hair, and generally went against what society thought was acceptable. The Roaring Twenties led to a major increase in options a women had regarding professions and marriage. Even with women gaining suffrage, they were still treated as unequal when it came to pay.

A New Emphasis on Education

Literacy was on the rise and the number of high school attendance had skyrocketed. High school was being attended by many students that were not college bound unlike the decades before.

The Jazz Age

The 20s - The Jazz Age